If you are one of the thousands of guests that has visited us at our store at Universal Studios Orlando® we would like to welcome you back! Rest assure that the variety and quality you experienced first hand at our store is the quality you will expeience at our virtual store. If you were browsing the web looking for that special Amber piece, allow us to extend to you our must cordial welcome and allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are a Company that has been in the jewelry business for over 25 years. Most of this time we have been involved in the creations of unique pieces made in Sterling Silver. However, the accessibility to acquire jewelry via internet and/or shopping channels, the tremendous competition that exists on the market due primarily to the over exposure of jewelry coming from the far east, and the long lasting economic situation that the country has been enduring for the past 3 years, did anything but force us to reinvent our concept. We decided to focus our creativity on Amber, a product that has been overlooked by the industry.

Amber undergoes a process that takes 20 to 40 million years to be created. The fact that Amber is found in a wide spectrum of colors makes it a desirably different stone. Amber is also known for is healing properties. Before the invention of the Aspirin, Amber was the household remedy for Tonsilitis, Headaches, Arthritis, Rheumatism, and many others ailments. Today, people from Eastern Europe put a piece of Amber around babies to eliminate effectively any discomfort associated with teething. Amber also has esoteric properties, thru the years and cultures, Amber was believed to be an amulet and a good luck charm.

Putting all these reasons aside. We have focused all our creativity on this beautiful stone to show the world thru our store and this website all the elegance, mystery and beauty that emanates from Amber. Enjoy!