Architecture and Design

This design features six 12x12mm squares. The pendant weighs 6.3gr. and the earrings are at only 5.7gr. This particular design can be worn with the green or honey amber.

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High Luster Circle Amber

This piece features a 12mm brown bead dangling from a sterling silver cut out circle. The pendant weighs only 5.7gr. and the earrings are very light at 6.3gr.

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Reversible Double Oval Earing

This design features twelve 14x10mm ovals dangling from a sterling silver liquid wire. The pendant weighs 5.7gr. and the earrings are at only 7.7gr.

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Amber in Medicines
Amber has been used in medicine for centuries, and we are taking the same concept to give you this natural remedies in a very natural and beautiful way.
Amber Magic
Amber has many magical properties, and the use of amber qualities in jewelry has never been achieved before till now. Checkout our selection of ambers today.
Beauty of Amber
Amber is beautiful, it has been around for ages. It comes in multiple colors and the type of things inside the stone is even more beautiful.
Amber as a relaxant
Amber is cool to the touch and often put us in state of harmony with the environment around us. See our selection of amber today in the shop.
Amber Jewelry
Amber Treasures Jewelry has been producing jewelry for over 25 years. Our customer love our custom hand made jewelry. Shop today.
Amber Longevity
It is said that having amber by your side will increase longevity. Buy yours today and increase longevity.

“One of the most beautiful and natural piece of jewelry, I’ve bought. Thank you.”

~ Tracy Ng.